A Day in His Shoes:

Hi Susie,

 So you want to know how it feel to spend a day in my shoes… First of all, you need to have 10.5 feet shoes, 33/34 pants and a large shirt.

I start my work day getting off the bus and walking in through the employee entrance in the back, avoiding the sirens and hustle. I walk directly to the doctors lounge to store my stuff and see if I have any messages. Once that’s done I checkin at the ER desk and get to work. It’s not normally like what you see on TV. We rarely do any surgery. My job is to stablize the patient for the specialist.

It definitely can get stressful. Not being able to save someone from death is a heavy burden.

Sometimes it’s actually it’s quiet, ofcourse I work the night shift. I get to check my email, talk with my coworkers, flirt with the nurses or grab a bite to eat.

It’s funny that when I am getting home, some of my neighbors are leaving for work. We exchange pleasentries and depart on our marry way. I am not very close with most of my neighbors. I have not been to any of the association meetings.

I do eat a lot of meals alone. it’s kind of sad. But working night, I really don’t feel like going out for social events. I’m still not completely used to working night. So when I get home, I either fall asleep on the couch without changing or just stay up if I am not working that night.

I think I had it easy growing up in LA. I guess I had a very sheltered life. It’s a learning experience moving to LA and starting a new life.

I appreciate what you said about how I can turn to you if I need help. ^^ You have a big heart…